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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Impact of Exchange database corruption: How to prevent the causes

Corrupted exchange mailboxes are a matter of concern even for some of the biggest IT organizations and mid-sized enterprises relying on email data for managing global business operations. Whilst exchange database corruption i.e. damaged EDB files adversely affect the smooth functioning of organizations as well as global communication within peers; extensive data losses can often lead to disasters amounting to millions of dollars.

Despite all the above consequences of database corruption in MS Exchange server, it is even more disheartening to note that the prevention factor is often overlooked by most of the SMEs with little attention to the data security measures that can be adopted to avoid the disaster.

What you can do to avoid Database Corruption in MS Exchange Server?

As the old adage goes, “Prevention is always better than cure”. Following some preventive measures will not only help you save your critical business data from corruption but also eliminates the need to spend on recovery tools while saving your valuable time as well as human resource required to carry out extensive recovery fixes. Also, detecting and preventing database corruption in MS Exchange Server beforehand saves you from facing troublesome situations like getting frequent error messages which obstruct smooth email communication. All these factors adversely affect the overall productivity of the organization while also leaving a considerable impact on the estimated ROI.

To prevent you from landing into any kind of disaster, we’ve listed some precautions that you can take to avoid your exchange database i.e. EDB files from getting corrupted.

  1. Always use good quality hardware components to avoid physical data corruption.
  2. Configure settings of your server hardware components carefully. If possible, seek help from expert exchange administrators or proceed only after reading comprehensive online help guides. Always keep a regular check on your settings and also update them timely.  
  3. Perform data integrity checks via scheduling maintenance tasks in MS Exchange server. In case you encounter any technical issue, never ignore it and proceed towards fixing the issue as soon as possible.
  4. Avoid excessive use of antivirus software or other file utilities on the Exchange Server computer. Don’t forget to take care of any malware programs that can affect your EDB files. Schedule automatic security checks at regular intervals to put a close check on data security loopholes.  
  5. It is recommended to turn off write-back caching. Though if you’re using it, it is advisable to keep your data protected completely. 
  6. Mitigate the data loss issues via online backups. Always keep a backup copy of your critical database files as well as transaction log files from server so that your data is retained in case of server crashes or failures. Don’t forget to check whether your hard disk is in an operable state while you create your backups and also verify your online backups timely. 
  7. Always make use of reliable data recovery utilities in case of serious data loss issues. 
Although preventive measures can’t always guarantee 100% data protection, they still play a considerable role in saving your valuable data from corruption while also forbidding the probability of extensive data losses resulting in damaged EDB files. However hard you try to protect, your database may get corrupted and you may require reliable recovery utility tools to access your corrupt data. 

Lepide Exchange Recovery Manager ( ) is one such software program that can help you recover your MS exchange Server corrupted database even from extensively damaged EDB files. With LERM, your data can be restored from corrupt offline EDB files as you can also extract single or multiple mailboxes from it to Live Exchange, PST, EML, MSG, HTML, RTF, Text File or even Office 365. From reviving your original data even in extreme data loss issues to retaining back the original performance and accuracy of your workable database, LERM completely eliminates the need of brick level backups by facilitating granular restoration from EDB private and public folders to restore entire mailboxes or even selective mailboxes.

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